A Luxury Safari Experience In India!

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India has always been at the top of the world for its stellar national parks and game reserves. Nearly a quarter of our country is covered in lush, serene forests of varying landscapes. Be it the vast tropical deciduous jungles of Central India, the mystical sands of the Thar desert and her neighbors, the Aravalli ranges, the teeming evergreen Western Ghats. All these unique landscapes make for the ultimate experience for a luxury safari in India. 

We’d like to feature some of the experiences that Star Vacations brings to you! Here’s a guide to experience the ultimate luxury safari in India in places with their own charm and story to share, something you can realize only once you stay there! 

Sleep Under The Stars At Pench National Park: (Jamtara) 

In the heart of Pench National Park adjacent to Jamtara village lies a wilderness camp that was founded keeping in mind both sustainability and luxury. With unique experiences such as the chance to stay in a private bed in the open with your very own watcher attending to you! These comfortable and safe beds will be put up in the location of your choice and you will be privy to the sights and sounds of the forest at night. Coupled with exclusive drives into Pench during the day, you truly experience the wild at Pench National Park!

A bed under the stars in Pench National Park Jamtara
Image Credits: Jamtara wilderness camp

Experience Wildlife By The Riverside In Madhya Pradesh: (Sarai At Toria) 

Panna National Park is home to a wildlife experience designed to be slow-going and serene. You get access to a wide range of birdlife along the Ken River right from your cottage’s balcony while also having the opportunity to explore the waters by boat. Let nature guides take you on walks through the countryside and along the fringes of Panna where sighting wildlife on foot becomes all the more exciting. You get the opportunity to experience wildlife tourism with a sustainable tourism outfit that gives back to its community!

Sarai at Toria Panna National Park Madhya Pradesh India

Image Credits: Steppes Travel

Experience Luxury And Wildlife In The Aravallis: (Sujan Jawai)

In the heart of Rajasthan’s Aravalli range by the Jawai Bandh lies the perfect home for one of India’s most enigmatic big cats, the leopard. Experience the magic of the land right outside your private luxury tent or explore the lair of the leopard on foot with some of the most proficient animal trackers of Rajasthan, the local Rabari tribesmen. Star can help organize the perfect luxury India safari getaway for two in this unique destination complete with a private sundowner and picnic atop one of the many hillocks in the reserve! 

Luxury In Timeless Tigerland, Ranthambore (Aman I Khas)

Stay at one of the finest retreats in the middle of Ranthambore National park in your very own luxury swiss tent. Ranthambore has always been a land where heritage, royalty, and exclusivity come together in unison. A spa session awaits you after your eventful jeep safari in Ranthambore, and an evening of cultural performances from some of Rajasthan’s finest music and arts community will add a touch of tradition to your India luxury safari experience.

Aman I Khas in Ranthambore National park Rajasthan India

Image Credits: Aman I Khas

Discover The Backwaters Of Kabini: (Evolve Back Kabini) 

Ever wondered if you could spot wildlife by the river? The Kabini river in Karnataka is one of the best river safari locales in the south with wildlife coming up the edge of the backwaters to bathe and drink from. Talk to Star to organize a river safari and stay in an exclusive cottage or swiss tent right in front of the backwaters, where there is a chance of the wildlife walking upright to your accommodation! And how does a private dinner riverside sound? Talk to us to add it to your luxury India safari experience.

Private dinner by the banks of River Kabini Karnataka India
Image Credits: Organe County Resorts & Hotels

Experience The Glory Of The Thar: (Manvar)

Manvar Desert Camp in Thar Desert Jodhpur Rajasthan India

Image Credits: Manvar Desert Camp

Staying in your very own luxury tent amidst the Thar desert sounds like a fantasy tale, but we assure you it is very much possible! While the deserts may seem empty at first, they too are teeming with wildlife. Experience the isolation and grandeur of the Thar desert at a luxury desert camp in Rajasthan! For the truly authentic experience, we also give you the chance to go on a safari through the desert on camelback, allowing you to take in the desert as the nomads of yesteryear used to.