Luxe Glamping  

 Sleeping in style under a canvas – one of the most special things you can do for a vacation! 
We’ve selected a few unique ‘glamping’ experiences in the vast, memorable wilderness. Choose to stay in desert camps, in a gorgeous lakeside camp, or in an exquisite rural camp; each is small, exclusive, secluded, and easily accessible, with highly knowledgeable staff. 


Luxe Jungle lodges

Wake up along with the wild at dawn, listening to it reverberate with life. Experience the thrill of possibly sighting elusive wildlife, then the romance of sunset and the peace that reigns as the jungle settles down for the night in a magical contrast. Spend time relaxing by a pool, exploring nature on foot or by cycle, and enjoy great banter around a campfire. We have tied with a few unique jungle lodges to check all parameters of Luxe Jungle stay.

All our selection of lodges are in diverse parks with unique topography, flora and fauna and boast exceptional places to stay which are small enough to be taken over in their entirety.   


Private Homes & Villa

 We have very carefully selected a few small, exclusive, beautiful properties that can be rented in their entirety or just as a room for those who don’t need the extra space.  Each adheres to the new hygiene rules which have become the norm, social distancing will be a priority that’s also made easier thanks to the spacing, and all properties are in glorious locations where you can simply hide away in luxury, with your family or friends, feeling safe and isolated. All properties are flexible and offer some exceptional rates, so that you make the most of them! 


Home in Hills

 Enjoy our special weekly tariff for stays at beautiful properties among the hills, that can be rented in their entirety or just as a room. All are in beautiful locations surrounded by mountains and verdant greenery where you can simply hide away in luxury, with your family or friends. You could laze around in hammocks swaying in the breeze, gurgling rivers in the background, or sit around the crisp crackling of a bonfire and enjoy some delicious barbecued food.

We will be delighted to know if any of these inspire you .

 All our team members and partners in the tourism and hospitality industry are ready to welcome you with open arms.




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