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Banff Gondola Summit Facility Canada

Banff, Canada is a stunningly beautiful town high up in Alberta’s  Rocky Mountains that gives you all the fun and excitement of a major resort town surrounded by pristine Canadian wilderness.  The township is located within the Banff National Park and at more than 1800 meters, it is the highest town in Canada. The town of Banff, Canada is the major center in the park a resort town in the muddy Rocky Mountains. Banff is a friendly and welcoming town and the white snowy streets offer an endless variety of shops, bars and restaurants all catering to a festive crowd that creates a relaxed and holiday atmosphere all year round. This is the base of some of the best winter activities in Canada.

Banff National Park Canada

The Banff National Park is six and a half thousand square kilometers of sheer Canadian wilderness. The park boasts of breathtaking mountain scenery, epic hiking trails, and picturesque camping grounds and lodges. There are snow-capped alpine peaks, glacier-carved lakes, ice fields and snow-covered alpine forests. Banff National Park was Canada’s first National Park and attracts over five million visitors every year. It is the very essence of what people imagine the Canadian Rockies to be. Besides winter sports the park has literally dozens of highlights to explore take a ride on the Banff Gondola for spectacular views of bow valley and the Rocky Mountains, relax in natural hot springs while enjoying mountain views and the don’t miss the Johnson canyon ice walk one the most spectacular treks in Canada. The Lake Louise, also referred to as the jewel of the Canadian Rockies, is transformed into a wonderland of snow and ice in winter. There are thousands of acres of ski slopes to enjoy as well as snow showing, hiking and even sleigh rides and dog sleighing around the lake.  During summers be sure to experience water activities such as rafting and paddling, one could also camp in the backcountry or take a horseback tour.

Banff Gondola ride into the Canadian Rockies Canada

Take a ride into the Canadian Rockies on the Banff Gondola to be able to access every nook and corner of the mountains. The Banff town being located right on the shoulders of Sulphur Mountain and the Canadian Rockies, the Gondola ride offers a panoramic view of beautiful bow valley and bow river as well as the Banff township below and is incredibly stunning during the summers as well as the winters. There are many outdoor activities and an interpretive trail on the mountain as well as a restaurant. The best time considered to visit is June to August and December to March for the Gondola Tour. With the magnificent Rocky Mountains towering over all around and the vast wilderness surrounding the township Banff, Canada will feel a long way from home but once you’re here you may never want to leave.

How to reach the Gondola base?

To reach the Gondola Base you need to take a short and easy 5-minute drive from downtown Banff. You could also opt for the free shuttle service and directly head to Room Transit. In total, the Gondola ride is a rough 16 minutes up and down. The ride up will take you up to the Sulphur Mountain Boardwalk and Rooftop Observation Deck and has a 360-degree view of Banff.

What are the facilities available?

At the top of the Sulphur Mountain stands a recently developed four-level Banff Gondola Summit Facility. Situated 7,486 feet above sea level and 2,900 feet above the town of Banff, the new facility features plenty of ways to experience the mountains both indoors and outdoors. There’s a restaurant, a coffee shop, a 360-degree observation deck, family-friendly exhibits, a theatre (Above Banff Theatre) and more.

Banff Gondola Summit Facility Canada

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