Become A Master Of The Waters: Go for Maldives Diving Courses on Your Maldives Vacation

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Deep sea diving in Maldives

Maldives Diving Courses

The turquoise, pure waters of the Indian Ocean are undoubtedly the biggest attraction for anyone planning their Maldives vacation. The beaches coupled with the various sandbars provide a perfect setting for anyone to play around! But have you ever wondered what lies ahead in these waters? If you’ve ever wanted to explore the ocean a step further, going on a Maldives vacation gives you the perfect opportunity. 

Doing a diving course during your Maldives vacation is a unique, fun-filled activity that lets you get up close and personal with the sublime waters. Be at one with the currents, explore Maldives’ coral reefs and more! 

Deep sea diving in Maldives

About Maldives Diving Courses: 

Diving can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be depending on your time. You can do an open water course or a scuba diver course. All Maldives diving courses will be handed PADI (Professional Association Of Diving Instructors) certification. PADI accounts for around 75% of the world’s diving certifications, so rest assured that your certificate holds formal weight as well. 

A scuba diver course is the most popular diving course especially among beginners. Scuba courses consist of learning from an accredited scuba diver. The maximum depth that a beginner can undertake on a scuba course is around 12m below sea level, under the supervision of their teacher. Scuba diving students earn partial credits, which can then be completed by opting for the full open diver course should they wish to hone their skills. The scuba diving course takes around 4 days, after which you can dive in the guidance of others, or opt for full certification. 

Open Diving courses are the next step to becoming a certified scuba diver. Completing this course means you can go diving on your own with no instructor, hire equipment and boats and go diving independently. Open divers can reach depths of up to 18m. However, do be aware that open diving certifications also require a physical examination, an aptitude test and proper demonstrations of diving knowledge before hitting the waters! 

Deep sea diving and shipwreck in Maldives

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