19 Best Places In Greece To Visit in 2024

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Greece is an absolute gem in Europe, renowned for its captivating allure. Boasting iconic Greek islands, a rich tapestry of history, and the most delectable Greek cuisine, the country offers an abundance of mesmerizing destinations. However, exploring all of Greece’s treasures in a single trip might be a tad ambitious! 😉

That’s why I’m thrilled to share a curated list of my top favorite places in Greece that I highly recommend for your itinerary. From charming tiny islands to historical fishing villages, each spot promises its own unique charm and allure.

While the Greek islands are undeniably breathtaking and hold a special place in my heart, Greece extends far beyond these stunning havens. That’s precisely why I’ve included some lesser-explored mainland locations that I believe deserve a closer look.

Discover below some of the finest destinations in Greece waiting to be explored. And hey, if you’re seeking a travel companion who’s up for taste-testing Ouzo and feta, count me in! 😉

1.) Meteora

Meteora ranks among Greece’s top destinations for an utterly distinctive experience. Nestled atop the Pindus Mountains, Meteora encompasses a sprawling collection of monasteries that tower hundreds of meters high.

These sites were utilized by religious settlers for well over a millennium, with the construction of the monasteries commencing during the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th Century. Fleeing the threat of persecution, monks sought refuge in these remote, elevated spots, thus giving rise to the extraordinary complex known as Meteora.

Originally, accessing the monasteries involved ascending a series of ladders lashed together or being hauled up the mountain in a sizable net (quite the challenge, I must say!). Fortunately, modern conveniences have replaced these methods; steps have been intricately carved into the rock, and a bridge now links to a nearby plateau for easier access.

While there were once 20 monasteries in their prime, only 6 remain today—5 for men and 1 for women. Among these, Great Meteora stands as the largest and a definite must-see. To reach this stunning site, you can either fly into Ioannina National Airport (approximately 120km away) or opt for the direct train from Athens to Kalambaka.

2.) Kefalonia (Cephalonia)

I mentioned those stunning Greek islands earlier, and Kefalonia stands as one of those gems, boasting two natural wonders you simply can’t miss.

Drogarati Cave and Melissani Lake are among the finest places to visit in Greece, offering unique experiences. The best part? They’re conveniently situated close to each other, allowing for a delightful day trip to explore both.

Melissani Lake earned its name from Minoan depictions discovered during excavations in 1951 and 1962, showcasing illustrations of the god Pan and the nymph Melissanthi. These findings reveal the lake’s historical use over centuries.

This breathtaking lake formed when a colossal underground cavern collapsed, creating a large circular opening that now graces the surface for all to marvel at.

Afterward, unwind at Petani Beach, take in the sight of Mount Ainos, and amble along the shores of Fteri Beach—each location is a picturesque addition to your Kefalonia journey.

3.) Delphi

Sitting atop the majestic mountain of Parnassus, Delphi stands as an exceptional destination for delving into ancient history. In its heyday, Delphi held immense significance as the center of the world for ancient Greeks, drawing worshippers from far and wide.

While here, a visit to the Temple of Apollo, housing the revered Oracle, is a must. Don’t miss out on exploring the Athena Treasury and the ancient stadium, both rich in historical significance.

Delphi’s allure is truly remarkable and conveniently accessible—a mere 2.5-hour drive from the heart of Athens.

4.) Zakynthos

Zakynthos stands as one of Greece’s renowned islands, and rightfully so—it’s simply stunning.

Among the multitude of activities on Zakynthos, visiting Navagio Beach is a standout experience. It’s undeniably one of Greece’s finest spots, offering breathtaking views and an awe-inspiring panorama.

Accessing the beach is exclusively by sea due to the steep and potentially hazardous cliffs surrounding it. Safety is paramount, so exercise caution at the cliff’s edge and avoid unnecessary risks for a photo opportunity. Most hotels and nearby vendors can arrange boat trips, providing the safest access.

For a more serene experience, consider an early visit, as the area tends to get bustling later in the day.

Following this, a boat tour to Keri Caves unveils further natural marvels, while a visit to Agios Dionisios Church offers a cultural touch. To conclude your day, indulge in the best moussaka at Greek Traditional Cafe Ouzeri—an absolute delight for dinner.

5.) Andros

As a member of the Greek Cyclades, Andros Island might not enjoy the same fame as Santorini or Mykonos, but it shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly if you seek an authentic Greek experience.

When you arrive, delving into Andros’ charms is a must. Discover Vitali Beach’s allure, pay a visit to the Monastery of Panachrantos, and seek out the Foros Cave for an adventure.

Next, a stroll through Andros Town’s winding streets and alleys offers a glimpse into local life and presents opportunities to find the finest Greek coffee spots. Don’t miss out on dining experiences at places like Endochora, renowned for their exquisite seafood—a perfect way to savor Andros’ authentic flavors.

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6.) Argolis

Nestled in the northeastern Peloponnese, Argolis stands as a historic treasure trove in Greece. Once you set foot in this region, a visit to Mycenae, situated near Mykines, is an absolute must.

Around 4,000 years ago, Mycenae reigned as one of the most pivotal cities in Greek civilization, brimming with bustling activity. Today, you can explore its remnants and delve into the remarkable history of this ancient site.


While there, ensure you witness the awe-inspiring Lion Gate, venture to The Tomb of Aegisthus (positioned outside the city walls), and marvel at the Treasury of Atreus. This destination ranks among the finest in Greece for enthusiasts of ancient history.

And for a perfect complement to this historical journey, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the theatre of Epidavros—a spectacular addition to your exploration of the region.

7.) Athens

Speaking of history, Athens stands as one of the most renowned cities from the ancient Greek empire. Nowadays, while the capital boasts a larger population and more structures, it remains adorned with an abundance of ancient sites that are simply unmissable during your visit.

Upon arrival, a visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens to witness the Antikythera Mechanism is a must. This 2,000-year-old marvel, considered the world’s first calculator, is a fascinating glimpse into ancient ingenuity.

Next, journey to the iconic Acropolis and Parthenon, quintessential symbols of Greece’s grandeur.

If time allows, meander through the charming neighborhood of Plaka, adorned with quaint tavernas and delightful coffee shops. Here, you’ll discover numerous temples and the Anafiotika area, offering an ambiance reminiscent of the Greek Islands.

And let’s not overlook the ancient wonders—the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus—both exceeding 2,000 years in age, adding yet more historical depth to your Athenian exploration.

8.) Crete

Crete stands out as one of Greece’s prime destinations, offering an island adventure coupled with captivating city exploration. It’s the kind of island that caters to diverse interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone in your travel party.

Head to the northern region of Crete, near Heraklion, to explore the ruins of the ancient city of Knossos. Dating back to 7000 BC, it ranks among Europe’s oldest cities and offers a mesmerizing glimpse into ancient civilization.

Afterward, venture to Spinalonga Island, indulge in a refreshing swim at Seitan Limania Beach, and treat yourself to delightful bites at the charming cafes nestled within the Venetian Harbor of Chania. Crete seamlessly blends historical intrigue with stunning coastal vistas, making it an ideal destination for an enriching and diverse Greek adventure.

9.) Santorini

Santorini stands out as one of Greece’s most renowned islands for good reason—it’s an absolute marvel.

When you arrive, a visit to Oia to witness the breathtaking sunset over the Aegean Sea is a must. Treat yourself by booking a stay at the cliff-edge Katikies Hotel, offering some of the island’s most spectacular views.

Don’t miss the chance to explore Santo’s Winery, embark on a hike up the volcano, and leisurely stroll around Fira. Santorini embodies the quintessential white-washed charm of a typical Greek island, making it an exceptional destination to experience this idyllic ambiance.

10.) Penteli

Named after Mount Pentelicus, Penteli is a conveniently accessible small town, just about 8-10km away from Athens’ city center—making it an easy jaunt from the capital.

What sets Penteli apart as one of Greece’s finest destinations is its stunning Monastery and Rododafni Castle. Notably, the castle was commissioned for the Duchess of Plaisance and took more than a century to reach completion.


A significant detail worth mentioning is that much of ancient Athens, including the Acropolis, owes its existence to the Penteli marble quarried from these very hills. While quarrying marble may not be advisable today, exploring the region’s trails reveals the area’s natural beauty.

For the intrepid traveler, an extra adventure may lead to the Davelis Cave nestled within the mountain itself—a potential highlight for those seeking a bit of exploration off the beaten path.

11.) Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city after Athens, offers a fantastic urban escape for travelers seeking a city break.

Upon arrival, delve into the rich history by exploring landmarks like the Church of Agios Dimitrios, the iconic White Tower, and the captivating Rotunda. Then, meander over to the charming Ladadika area—a picturesque neighborhood adorned with cozy cafes and inviting bars, ideal for a leisurely afternoon.

After a delightful stroll, indulge in an exquisite culinary experience at Charoupi, renowned for crafting some of Greece’s finest dishes from various regions. Be prepared for a flavorful feast that might just have you rolling out of the restaurant, thoroughly satisfied.

12.) Lemnos

Nestled in the northern expanse of the Aegean Sea, Lemnos Island stands as a hidden gem, slightly veiled from the usual tourist trails. Yet, it’s undeniably one of Greece’s finest destinations that remains relatively unexplored by many.

Legend has it that Lemnos was the landing site of Hephaestus after being cast from Mount Olympus by Zeus. The nearby volcanoes once spewed lava onto its shores, leaving behind fascinating rock formations that add to the island’s allure.

However, Lemnos isn’t solely reserved for geology enthusiasts. The island boasts Poliochni, Europe’s oldest Neolithic city—a captivating historical site that’s an absolute must-see, offering a glimpse into ancient civilization and a compelling reason not to overlook Lemnos’ cultural richness.

13.) Epidavros

Greece is a treasure trove of ancient history, a characteristic that never ceases to amaze me. The abundance of well-preserved sites across the country remains one of Greece’s most remarkable features—a testament to its rich past.

In my view, Epidavros stands out as one of Greece’s premier historical destinations, particularly for those seeking an encounter with one of the country’s most awe-inspiring ancient theaters. Dating back to the third century BC, the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, with its capacity to accommodate over 13,000 spectators, is nothing short of breathtaking—a testament to the architectural brilliance of ancient times.

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14.) Rhodes

Rhodes Island stands as a picturesque gem in Greece, located not far from the Turkish coast. Despite its proximity, it’s authentically Greek, adorned with charming fishing villages, ancient landmarks, and an abundance of delightful Greek tavernas that make leaving a tough decision!

Once you’ve explored the medieval town of Rhodes, venture out in a car to discover the island’s wider treasures. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Acropolis of Lindos, marvel at the Palace of the Grand Master, or unwind at the serene Saint Paul’s Bay.

And for an authentic taste of delicious Greek cuisine, Taverna Tsambikos in Kolimbia comes highly recommended—prepare to leave thoroughly satisfied! Rhodes offers an enticing blend of beach relaxation and a wealth of historical marvels, making it a top-notch destination in Greece.

15.) Samos

Samos turned out to be a delightful surprise—a week-long getaway we hadn’t anticipated in the Greek islands.

However, Samos isn’t just a breathtaking spot nestled in the Aegean Sea; it’s a historical gem with ties to Pythagoras, the famed mathematician. This island is steeped in captivating history, complemented by a myriad of stunning beaches, bays, and charming coves to explore.

For those less inclined toward beaches, renting a car and journeying into the mountains is a worthwhile adventure—although the roads wind perilously close to cliff edges. I recall a few tense moments as Yaya winced while navigating those cliff-hugging corners high above the sea. 😉

And before leaving, indulging in the island’s sweet Muscat wine is a must. It’s the perfect finale after exploring one of Greece’s most remarkable destinations.

16.) Costa Navarino 

Nestled close to Methoni, Costa Navarino emerges as a top relaxation destination in Greece. Positioned along the western coastline, it’s conveniently accessible, approximately a 2.5-3 hour drive from Athens Airport.

Once you arrive, Costa Navarino offers a serene atmosphere where you can unwind on the beach, take a refreshing dip in the pools, and simply bask in the tranquility of a complete getaway. However, for those moments of wanderlust, a visit to Methoni and its commanding castle is a worthwhile venture. The region’s rich heritage reflects influences from the Greeks, Venetians, and Ottomans, creating a fascinating historical tapestry.

The entire Messenia area exudes beauty, contributing to the allure of this relaxing haven along the Greek coastline.

17.) Corfu

Having visited Corfu multiple times, I can confidently attest to the island’s abundance of stunning and captivating spots beyond its vibrant party scenes. Corfu unfolds as a treasure trove with a myriad of breathtaking bays and historical fishing villages awaiting exploration.

Upon arrival, ensure to venture to Cape Drastis to behold the stunning rugged coastline—a visual marvel. And a visit to the Old Town of Corfu (Kerkyra) is a must, boasting charming waterfront tavernas and quaint shops.

For a leisurely stroll, a visit to Vlacherna Monastery is highly recommended. This stunning monastery perched within the sea offers a picturesque setting, accessible via a lengthy walkway—no swimming required! 😉

For a luxurious stay, consider checking into MarBella Corfu, an indulgent retreat featuring sumptuous amenities, with some rooms even boasting private pools—an exquisite touch to elevate your stay!

18.) Mykonos 

Situated relatively close (by Greek standards) to Santorini, Mykonos stands as a prime Greek destination offering a delightful taste of the islands.

This island presents a diverse blend, encompassing authentic Greek charm, stunning beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, historical towns, and vibrant party scenes for those inclined.


Upon arrival, a visit to the iconic windmills of Kato Mili is a must, followed by savoring delectable cuisine at M-eating and leisurely strolling along the charming Harbourfront of Little Venice.

For an enriching day-trip experience, consider sailing across to Delos Island. Renowned for its picturesque bays, this island is steeped in history and is said to be the birthplace of Apollo—an excursion that promises both scenic beauty and cultural depth.

19.) Kos

It’s true, Greece boasts an abundance of islands—hundreds to be exact—each with its own unique charm. However, amidst this array, a few islands have truly captured the hearts of many.

Kos stands tall among these favorites. Situated not far from Turkey’s coastline, Kos embodies the essence of a relaxed Greek island, making it a top choice for those seeking laid-back island vibes.

Upon arrival, don’t miss exploring the Asklepieion, an ancient medical center where remnants of its grand columns still stand. Another must-see is the picturesque islet of Kastri, along with a visit to Agios Stefanos for a delightful beach day, immersing yourself in the island’s tranquil ambiance. For more personalized assistance and bookings, reach out to us at 098115 02655 or visit our Talk to Us. Your journey to Greece begins here!