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The World is richer for travel.

The world has missed all of us. Our treading and trampling on paths known and unknown, gathering new experiences, makes us and the world richer for it. This past year we have hungered to get out into the world and the world has hungered for our sojourns. With countries and borders opening up slowly, its time to start dreaming and planning that next treasure find. 
Star Vacations with a team of travel experts, connoisseurs and crazies have crafted out of dreams and desires some very unique and enriching travel experiences from sailing down the Nile to driving your own private van on country roads of Napoli.

The Serengeti

There is still a place on Earth where life is the same as it was in the beginning, a place where life scintillates and marvels you. To Maasai tribe who are pastoral people of Ngorongoro and Serengeti, this is where land runs on forever, a land suspended in warping loop of time; the last refuge for the largest concentration of wildlife left on Earth. Serengeti National Park hosts an unending array of grasslands, woods and hills dotted with glorious animals of all shapes, colours and sizes on every side. 

Our latest Africa blogs has more to say about this.

Essential Dubai Information

Dubai, that glorious metropolis of the desert where luxury and chic are a way of life. For a city heaped in modernism and seemingly devoid of history at first sight, Dubai is just the opposite. This unique city’s early origins can be traced to years of trading between the early civilizations of the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia.

 During the time, small settlements in the region were also hotspot for pearling. Dubai and indeed the rest of the Middle East soon became a hub for fishing and pearling. 

Dubai has a travel bubble that now includes India. However, there are some pointers to keep in mind when planning your 2020 Dubai vacation.



Heritage Stays In Rajasthan

The land of fortresses, lakes, and unparalleled tradition and history. Rajasthan has forever been a destination where heritage and opulence merge beautifully. If you want to experience the true Rajasthan, a stay in a Haveli or palace within this glorious land of Rajputs is the way.

Explore some of the best heritage retreats in Rajasthan, including heritage retreats in Jaipur, palatial heritage resorts in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, and lakefront luxury resorts in Udaipur. Just to name a few! 

Aquariums Around The World

But perhaps it is not the allure of heritage retreats that you heed, but a tour of lives under the sea. For those that wish to get a glimpse of what marine life around the world looks like, an underwater aquarium gives you the best opportunity. 

With travel bubbles across the world slowly opening up, it is the perfect time to plan your luxury vacations across the globe! Talk to Star Vacations today to plan the expedition of a lifetime!



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