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The Maldives is renowned the world over for its exotic, pristine beaches and lively atmosphere. In Maldives, snorkeling,  marine activities in this island destination are endless: From traditional snorkeling to going on dolphin and whale watching tours to the many aquariums and marine centers around Male. However, we’d like to talk about a special activity that is unique to the shallow waters of the Maldives. Something that adds that wild touch to your Maldives vacation

stingray snorkelling in Maldives

Maldives Snorkeling:

If you’ve ever wanted to feed giant manta rays or stingrays, and even go swimming with them, you can plan for stingray snorkeling and feeding activities in the Maldives!  

stingray in Maldives

About Rays: 

Sea rays are unique sea creatures that are related to the shark family, although they look nothing similar. You’ll know them for their broad circular fins and mass migrations. Certain species of Rays also have powerful spines and a venomous stinger that are used as a defense measure when they feel threatened. Rays can be found across the world, but they are especially common in the Maldives as they are habituated to the humans here. They primarily feed on fish, plankton and other aquatic life. 

Stingrays, in particular, may sometimes have a negative connotation, as their powerful venomous stings have resulted in fatalities in the past. However, as with any form of wildlife, such incidents can be avoided simply by respecting the animal’s boundaries and stepping away when it shows signs of stress or aggression. In fact, rays are usually extremely docile and curious, and make for the perfect snorkeling companions on your Maldives vacation

There are around 6 species of Rays around the Maldives. The stingray is the most famous, but there are bigger, gentler species of rays too, like Bull rays, Manta rays and the beautiful Blue Spotted Stingray.

On your Maldives vacation, you can experience this unique activity with a trained professional at one of the many beaches near Male or Kurumba, where the waters are shallower. Star Vacations can help you plan the perfect Maldives experience, and customize your trip with memorable experiences like snorkeling with the stingrays! 

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