Mt Fuji and Aokigahara Forest Day Trip from Tokyo

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Mount fuji at Lake kawaguchiko,Sunrise , vintage

A visit to the Mt Fuji in Japan and the nearby Aokigahara Forest on a day trip from Tokyo is an exemplary one. Discover the classic environment of the formerly active volcanic region, sea ice and wind caves that have been formed by lava. Pause a while to take the views of the awe-inspiring Mt Fuji from a height of 7,610 feet(2,305 meters), as the day trip ends in the busy Shinjuku area.

Take a tour in a coach in the morning, for two hours to Mt Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain, or drive up the mountain in a private car as you admire the remarkable scenery as you make your way to the 5th station, the highest point on Fuji that can be reached by vehicle. Just get off to enjoy some free time as you enjoy the beautiful views, go across the gift shop or visit some lovely Japanese restaurants around the corner.

Aokigahara Forest (Sea of Trees) near Tokya Japan

              Aokigahara Forest (Sea of Trees)   Image Credits –

The next part of your itinerary begins with your visit to the Aokigahara Forest (Sea of Trees), which is located at the base of Mt Fuji. Well, this place is known for its exceptional domain, because of its volcanic makeup. The forest is home to above-ground tree roots, exposed lava flows, dispersed remains of volcanic rock and caves created by volcanic gas that collected below the ground and then exploded.

Icicles in Narusawa Ice Cave in Aokigahara forest near Tokya Japan

Icicle in Narusawa Ice Cave Image Credits –

Your guide would help you enter the Narusawa Ice Cave, which is covered with ice all year round, as this cave is off-limits to travellers without a guide. It is important to walk carefully over the wet, uneven icy surfaces as you might get lost in admiration of ice formations deep in the cave. Once you are out of the cave, we drive back to Tokyo. Buy some souvenirs or snacks at the concession stand or check out the large gift shop where you can buy some candy and local wine or just extend your hand at the bowling Alley.

P.S. The views around Mt Fuji are subject to weather conditions, as it is unpredictable, being mountainous. The colder months have better visibility, so is the case in the early mornings and late evenings.

Scenic view of Mount Fuji Japan Mount Fuji, Japan

About Mt Fuji:-

Mt Fuji is the most inspiring of all places in Japan. The earliest recorded literature about these mountains dates back to the 8th century. Fuji-san was given the UNESCO World Heritage status in 2013, since then 300,000 people take the trip each year. Well, reaching the top is definitely exhausting, as it is not known to be beautiful scenery either. The climbing season has packed routes, landscape looking devastating, yet it looks like it is another world when viewed from afar. The summit has a crater, with a circumference of 4km, but can get clouded at any time.

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