Paradise In The Indian Ocean: Seychelles Travel Guide For 2021

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If there is a true hidden paradise on this planet that’s within reach of India, it is the Seychelles archipelago. These picturesque, serene, and miniature islands are full of life and love, making Seychelles a must-visit destination this summer. 

As always, since so much has changed in the past few years thanks to lockdowns and health issues, we decided to write a condensed Seychelles travel guide for 2021 that will be constantly updated as per the latest directives. You can of course avail our services to ensure a truly stress-free, guilt-free getaway amongst the golden sands and turquoise waters!  

About Seychelles 

These islands have an extremely vast and varied history. It was largely uninhabited (as far as we can tell) until the 15th century when several Arab and Eurasian traders visited the island. The earliest documented visit was in 1503 by a certain Spanish explorer known as Vasco Da Gama! Rather, a ship under his command known as The Ascension. These islands soon became an essential trading point between Asia and Africa. It was the French that officially took control of the islands in the 18th century. In fact, Seychelles gets its name from Jean Moreau De Sechelles, the then Finance Minister of France. Eventually, the British then took over the island operations and the islands were officially surrendered by France following the War Of The Coalitions. The nation finally became independent 2 centuries later in 1976 and Seychelles became a republic, and during this time became a hub for tourism with the opening of the international airport. 

COVID info 

While a trip to Seychelles is now certainly possible thanks to the travel bubble between India and Seychelles, there are certain regulations to be followed by travellers before arrival, upon arrival and during their stay in Seychelles. This Seychelles travel guide for 2021 also has some updated information about travelling in the travel bubble from India to Seychelles. 

  1. It is preferable for all visitors to be vaccinated (at least two doses) before entering Seychelles and also procure a vaccination certificate.
  2. All visitors are required to obtain a negative RT-PCR certificate regardless of their vaccinations.
  3. You’ll also be required to obtain a Health Travel Authorisation (HTA) Certificate through the online portal here:

Along with these, you of course also have to maintain social distancing and ideally visit places that are not too crowded which is, of course, an easy task considering how isolated and pristine these islands are! And if you let us choose a destination retreat for you, there’s every assurance that your trip will be a completely private, safe, and luxurious one. 

How to get there

Visa info: Indians luckily can avail a visa on arrival when visiting Seychelles, so you do not have to worry about immigration when planning your Seychelles trip in 2021. The visa lasts for 30 days. You will need to show your onward and return tickets at the counter along with your booking details which we will assist with.

Flights To Seychelles:  Most major cities have flights to Seychelles from India. There are two major airports in Seychelles, one in Mahe and one in Praslin. We recommend entry in Mahe as it makes getting around a bit easier since Mahe is a major city.

Areas of Seychelles

The islands here of course are the most coveted locations of Seychelles. 

You have Mahe, the capital. Mahe is home to more than just pristine beaches; visit here for a slice of Seychelles history. Visit the city of Victoria if you want to relax for a day or two exploring the markets and the local culture! 

Then there’s Praslin, the second biggest island. Home to the largest coconut in the world (and many other such unique oddities), hop on a private boat and visit Praslin and its tropical rainforests and isolated beaches. 

La Digue is the smallest of Seychelle’s populated islands. It has some of the most pristine waters of all the locations owing to its small population. You must not miss the Anse Source D’Argent beach here! 

Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur (Big sister and little sister) islands are home to an isolated ecosystem and are home to annual turtle nesting sites!  

What To Do:

Breezy water and sandy escapes may be one of the highlights of Seychelles but there’s so much more to explore among these comfy atolls! Here’s a list of what to do in your Seychelles travel guide for 2021. 

  • Feed the famed Giant Tortoises of Aldabra:

The Aldabra Atoll is the world’s second-largest coral reef. It’s also home to the Aldabra Giant Tortoises, a miracle of evolution and a protected species here. You can visit Aldabra and interact with the tortoises, seeing as how this is one of the last places to meet these gentle, giant reptiles!

  • Go Scuba diving among the pristine coral reefs

With such a pristine collection of beaches and coral reefs, you can’t take a dive into these salubrious waters. Learn how to scuba dive with a PADI-certified instructor while staying there.

  • Visit the cities of Victoria and Praslin and learn all about the history of Seychelles! Hidden away in alleyways and gullies, you’ll find evidence of French, Portuguese, African, and British influences