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Aerial shot of the beautiful Copacabana Beach at sunset in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and lies between the golden sun-baked region between the tropic of Capricorn and the Equator. Brazil is a supremely vast and beautiful country with over four thousand five hundred miles of coastline on the South Atlantic, with a serene tropical climate that gives those living on its coast, the pleasure and fun of enjoying the sea and the amazing beach sand under the pristine blue sky. Brazil has a large sandy coastline, with a lot of coves, small islands, and pools, which also makes this country a holidayer’s heaven or paradise. Rio De Janeiro has the two most popular beaches in the country but there are several other beaches and great spots, many of which are highly remote or undeveloped, made especially for those who want to avoid the hustle of public life. There’s no better place to plan the best vacation tour for 2021 and beyond! 

Beach in Brazil

Copacabana Beach (Rio De Janeiro) – This is the wondrous beach whose name and fame have no parallel, as very few numbers of beaches in the world are more known than this two and a half stretch of sand. Many tourists begin their Brazil holiday in Rio De Janeiro, and this beach should definitely be on your list of places before moving on. Copacabana beach was actually increased in size to prevent the sea from reaching right up to the road and is now a place where you can find more than just sun worshippers as there are plenty of beach volleyball players and football matches continue throughout the day. A perfect beach to plan the best package tour next year for your family. 

Ipanema Beach (Rio De Janeiro) – The older generation may know the name Ipanema from the 1960’s hit song by Astrud Gilberto, ’The Girl from Ipanema,’ even if they have never been to Rio De Janeiro. This lovely stretch of sand is often quite crowded but it is a lovely setting below twin peaks, the Two Brothers, in the distance.

Located at the front of one of the rich neighborhoods of Rio De Janeiro, with stylish restaurants, bars, and boutique shopping to enjoy after a day on the beach, there is plenty of activity on the beach itself, though you can simply relax and enjoy the surroundings if you wish.

Praia do Espelho (Trancoso, Bahia) – The contrast between Rio De Janeiro and Espelho could not be more vivid as the beach of Espelho is almost the definition of remote. This lovely beach is a fifteen-mile drive from Trancoso in Bahia. The lovely pools and clear blue sea add to the picture-perfect setting of this sandy beach. Divers will see the blue water corals in the reef pools and on the surface we will see the backdrop of coconut palms and cliffs. There are tents, deck chairs, and mats available, while the nearby small village of Vila do Outeiro offers shopping, bars, restaurants, and accommodation. Seafood is a must when you go out for dinner.

Praia do Sancho (Fernando de Noronha) – Praia do Sancho on the tropical island paradise of Fernando de Noronha has very frequently won the poll as Brazil’s top beach. The beach faces West to Brazil actually and is not on the huge Atlantic Ocean. The rocky cliffs and the green vegetation add to the picturesque setting of sand and blue waters, with access to the beach provided by ladders down the cliff, stone steps carved into the cliffs, or by boat. This is a reserved area but boats are permitted to stop for swimming because they will not damage the coral that is now so precious.

Lopes Mendes Beach (Ilha Grande) – This wonderful beach is a two-mile stretch of sand below two mountains which are the three hundred and fifty feet tall Morro Dos Castelhanos to the left of it and the seven sixty meters tall Morro Do Ferreira on the right of it. This beach is suitable for all including families with small children, swimmers, surfers, and divers. It is still a natural, largely undeveloped area, with no kiosks, restaurants, or bars and certainly no nightlife. It is unlikely that this situation will change. As a result, Lopes Mendes beach is a great place to relax and rejuvenate, far away from the hustle of the city life and especially in the shade of the nearby almond trees. The Lopes Mendes Beach is a serene paradise. 

Praia do Forno (Arraial do Cabo) – This magnificent beach lies in a beautiful cove in Arraial do Cabo, which is a dream-like location below slopes and accessed by a trail or by a boat. This beach has forever been known as the ‘Beach of Angels’ and it truly lives up to its name and expectations. The beach offers stunning views for those who walk on the trails to the beach. Once at the beach, the tourists can relax and bask in the glorious sun rays. The sand is crystal white and the seawater is warm and clear. It attracts families throughout the holiday period who come to dive, to snorkel, and to see the corals, and fish underwater. The restaurants on the beach offer fresh local seafood and oysters.

Praia do Campeche (Florianópolis, Santa Catarina) – Praia do Campeche is located south of the city of Florianópolis in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. The sand on the beach is beautiful and the water is crystal clear which gives a subtle contrasting effect with the green vegetation. The sea swells at certain times at this beach due to the high tide but there is plenty of lifeguards insight and it is generally very safe for swimming and snorkeling also. Fishing is an activity enjoyed by plenty of tourists here and one must simply taste the local fresh fish when at this beach. The visiting whales are like the cherry on top of the pie during summers at this amazing beach at Campeche. Tourists can enjoy the lively boat ride around the surrounding islands and the ocean or bask in the glory of the everlasting sun at this beach.

Santos Beach (Santos nr. São Paulo) – Santos beach lies an hour’s drive away from Sao Paulo. It is a three and a half-mile stretch of exquisite sand with a magnificent garden right in the inland of the beach which runs its whole length. Santos itself is the largest harbor in Latin America, but this does not detract from the enjoyment that the locals and tourists get when hanging out at this lovely beach. All kinds and ages of tourists and travelers are attracted to Santos beach, families and couples, youngsters who love beach sports, and finally, those who simply want to relax, rejuvenate themselves and bask in the sun. In the unlikely scenario that it is raining, the nearby Brazilian Coffee Museum or the aquarium are just two of the many wonderful things to pass your time at.

Praia de Pipa (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte) – This is a rather remarkable fishing village near the town of Natal in Rio Grande do Norte and is especially famous among the locals from the nearby Recife who are looking for a weekend break or getaway. But as of now, it has been left fairly undiscovered by International tourists. The ones who have found this wonder of nature have never left since then. The setting is lovely, with steep, pink cliffs, green forests, clean sand, and sea. There are sand dunes held together by green vegetation and you can definitely hire a guide and explore them if you wish to. Water sports are really popular here and it is fun to try and spot some dolphins on the boat ride in the sea. The nightlife is casual and vibrant, with some great bars, cafes, and Latin reggaeton music.

Ilha de Tinharé (Cairu, Bahia) – There are several beautiful beaches that lie on the island of Tinhare in the municipality of Cairu in Bahia, which lies in a series. They range from small stretches of sand to larger ones with significant tourist infrastructure. Surfers definitely enjoy the lovely pristine turquoise waters. Also, the adventurous divers wanting to explore the rock formations and coral reefs. If you are interested in the nightlife scene in Cairu, then this beach is the perfect place to be as after the sun goes down, you will find classy bars and chic restaurants. If you are a peace-loving and quiet person, then you can find that here as well.

Porto de Galinhas (Recife) – Porto de Galinhas is to the south of Recife and has regularly appeared in some of Brazil’s top tourist magazines. It was once simply a fishing village, but the lovely reef pools have made it great for swimming and snorkeling, colorful tropical fish add to the stunning environment that you are sure to be enamored with. You can hire a small boat to take you out exploring the reef pools and the sea, as long as you stay away from the private and protected areas. The beach is actually eleven miles long, and local restaurants and accommodation options make this a great holiday destination.

Praia dos Carneiros (Recife) – Towards the North of Recife, there is a beach called Praia dos Carneiros which is close to Tamandaré in Recife. This beach stretches to almost miles and miles of peace and tranquility as you can explore the wetlands and wonder in perfectly silent peace. There are boat tours available, as well as boats for rent. It will be fairly quiet, precisely because it is family owned and you will need to pay to access it but it is worth the money. 

With so many beaches in Brazil, it becomes difficult to plan the best package tour for your loved ones. Talk to us at Star Vacations and leave the planning to us, experts in curating the best package tour for your precise requirements.